Welcome to Armada Network

What is the Armada Network?

Armada is an infrastructure protocol that helps decentralize your frontend applications in a secure, trustless way. Armada shifts the responsibility of updating and deploying your site to a DAO, Governance contract or another on-chain entity. Replace your centralized frontend hosting with the power of the blockchain and a global network of node operators.

What are some of the benefits of the Armada Network?

  • Decentralize technology and operationalize risk away from the core team

  • Control website versions and on-chain updates with Multisig wallets, DAOs, governance or any other on-chain entity

  • Reduce reliance on centralized web serving stacks and follow the web3 ethos of decentralization

  • Eliminate IPFS/IPNS/ENS resolution and availability problems

How does the Armada Network serve content?

  1. Users fetch website content from a set of decentralized Content Nodes through a Secure Enclave running on the browser in web workers.

  2. The Secure Enclave checks the hash of each file on the browser against the content bundle. The content bundle pointer and checksum are stored on-chain and the majority of content nodes must agree on the proper bundle. The Secure Enclave will only load files that pass the integrity check and match the hash in the content bundle.

  3. The website version can be upgraded by the Project Owner registered on-chain. The Project owner can be a Governance contract, DAO or any other wallet or contract capable of ETH transactions.

What Next?

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