How much does Armada cost?

On Testnet there’s no cost associated with running a project on Armada.

On Mainnet, node prices will be set by the node operators but are expected to range widely between $10-$200/month per node. Higher priced nodes will likely provide larger servers, better guaranteed uptime, more network bandwidth and throughput, more scalability, additional security and DDoS protections on top of the required protection for all nodes. As an example to put the price range in perspective, think of the differences between a DigitalOcean droplet and a fully managed Kubernetes cluster.

Projects can provision as many nodes and node specs as they need to meet their decentralization objects and performance criteria. Minimum number of nodes is 1, recommended minimum number of nodes is 3, the recommended number is 10 but can be lower or higher at a project’s discretion.

What does uptime look like?

On Testnet node uptime has been 99.9%+. However, given the nature of Testnet it’s not possible to make uptime guarantees.

On Mainnet, nodes will have minimum uptime requirements. Armada's goal is a target of 99.9%+ uptime for projects.

Are nodes shared across projects? Is my content stored/served alongside other projects in same node?

No, nodes selected by a project are dedicated to that project. They do not store or serve content for any other project.

Is there traffic spike and DDoS protection?

Yes, each node will have caching and DDoS protection. Since nodes in Armada are dedicated to a project and provisioned upfront, there's no pricing risk with traffic spikes or DDoS attacks.

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